Lo que hago para mi vecino, el lo hara para mi,
[What I make for my neighbour, my neighbour makes for me]

Galway Arts Centre, 29 July to 27th August 2011.

Installation for the Artspace Galway 25th anniversary show at the Galway Arts Centre, an exhibition titled Collective Consciousness
Taking visual inspiration from favelas as my starting point and building a structural association to the idea of that collective consciousness concept. Leaving the question of whether such an ideal is full of rich possibilities or is bound to a creative poverty, to the viewer.

"Simon Fleming’s assemblage Lo que hago para my vecino el lo hara para mi, a miniature favela of cardboard lean-to’s, floated high above a debilitated ladder, alluded to dysfunctional collectives in the wider world. The implied inhabitants of Fleming’s favela are poorly served in this imagined zone, its ground an industrial pallet loosely strewn with a mat of Astroturf. Fleming’s work offered a dystopian metaphor, which pricked the conscience – as we all know our world is one where most must live in very unsympathetic conditions."

Dr Áine Phillips. "Collective Consciousness" Galway Arts Centre 29 July –27 August 2011" Visual Arts Ireland

What I make for my neighbour, my ne